Document Netherlands 2018

(Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Netherlands

Since 1975, the Rijksmuseum has organized "Document Netherlands", where a Dutch photographer is asked every year to document a certain facet of Dutch society.

Stacii Samidin (1987) was commissioned by the Rijksmuseum to photograph the Dutch café for Document Nederland. He traveled from Limburg to Friesland in his search for the typical Dutch café.

An image from the exhibition has also been included in the permanent exhibition of the "Gallery of Honor of Dutch Photography" in the Dutch Photo Museum.

Merdeka! 2019

(Wereldmuseum, Rotterdam. Netherlands)

Rotterdam-based photographer with Indonesian roots Stacii Samidin was commissioned by Rotterdam’s World Museum to make the series Merdeka!.


Stacii travelled to Indonesia and went in search of the traces left by the Dutch presence. Merdeka is a frequently used expression in the Indonesian and Moluccan communities and means freedom or independence. The exhibition constitutes a personal reflection on the colonial remnants Samidin encountered in present-day Indonesia and the Netherlands. In his exhibition for the World Museum Samidin looks beyond the year 1949.

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